Often overlooked by dated private investigative firms, information available online can be more informative and revealing than that compiled from any public records database used by private investigators. An impeccable record doesn't necessarily reflect an impeccable person. Whether you're seeking online evidence in a court case, conducting a threat assessment, investigating a stalker, competitor analysis, or just need a basic background check, let us guide you through the digital landscape. Sourced Intelligence will conduct your digital reconnaissance and provide the intelligence and analysis needed to make smart decisions.

  • Litigation

  • Background Checks

  • Due Diligence

  • Business Intelligence

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Stalking


Our goal is to keep you in front of your competition. Sourced delivers intelligence products that allow you to make better decisions, leverage negotiations, and maintain an informative edge. Sourced provides intelligence that enables you to become familiar with competitors, employees, and partners alike, helping to mitigate risk and threat.

  • ●  Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training

  • ●  Digital Footprints Analysis

  • ●  Due Diligence

  • ●  Employee Background Checks

  • ●  Adversary/Threat Background Check/Character Assessment

  • ●  Hidden Associations, Networks, Partnerships

  • ●  Digital Reputation Management

  • ●  Digital Influencers, Brand Mentions & Data Analysis

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