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Sourced Intelligence provides specialized open source (OSINT) training, tailored to fit your institution's needs.  Let us teach you to become OSINT experts.  We will train you in the art and science of digital investigations by guiding you to the hidden doors of social media and illuminating the dark corners of the web. We host team and individual training as well as remote telephonic or web conference sessions. Gain the competitive advantage and experience the Sourced Intelligence training curriculum, designed to empower all levels of technical aptitude. No coding, no hacking, just the latest in open source intelligence techniques. Knowing and understanding how to effectively access the largest source of archived information of all time is our specialty, let us pass it on to you.  Understanding open source intelligence is more vital than ever, making our training a necessity for law enforcement, educators, businesses, leaders and security professionals alike.


In the 21st Century, the division between the digital and physical security world is smaller than ever. Threats can often be identified digitally before materializing into physical danger or material losses. Knowing, understanding and mitigating these risks is what keeps our client one step ahead of the game. Understanding what is going on around you is the key to security and success.

  • ●  Digital Vulnerability Assessment of the Client

  • ●  Physical or Digital Adversary Threat Assessment

  • ●  Event Monitoring

  • ●  Digital Executive Protection

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