Forensic Analysis

Has your device been hacked? Sourced offers forensic analysis of laptops, desktops, servers, mobile devices and cloud storage across Windows, Linux, MacOS and IOS and more.

Device Optimization

Sourced will evaluate and fortify your current devices by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing the latest tech solutions to increase your security without sacrificing usability.

On-Call Incident Response 

Sourced offers on-call threat analysis, flash investigations and immediate incident response to assist clients with cyber security and IT services when they need it most.

We Integrate with Your Digital Ecosystem

Whether you're seeking online evidence, evaluating risk, investigating threats, or need a background check, Sourced will guide you through the investigative landscape.

Secure Communications

Sourced employs the latest physical and digital security to provide you with the ability to conduct secure, non-traceable communication. We combine the latest innovations in secure messaging, data storage, and zero-trust authentication to protect you, your communications, your data, and your device.