Some #Sourced Privacy Tips

“Even if you think you have every possible privacy setting switched on, no one is excluded from the vulnerabilities of Social Media. Thieves (and investigators alike) rely on the faults of others. Someone with basic investigative tradecraft can obtain a tagged photo of you from a friend’s profile with lax privacy settings. When we investigate threats, we target their significant other, their friend, or their mom, because they are the ones who tagged you in the Bahamas on vacation, or at your sisters USC graduation. A thief can assume you won't be checking your credit card statement daily, making it a very good time to strike. When your uncle tags you in a 25th birthday party photo, a perpetrator has suddenly identified your whole family, maybe your date of birth, and your alcoholic beverage of choice. Its not hard to use your imagination and take these examples to the extreme. Our lax and transparent culture needs to wake up and stop making crime so easy.”