From @Mashable, "He fooled an entire nation with a fake Facebook profile. Then I tracked him down." #OSINT #Investigation

"This is the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but in the world of social media and fake news.  Have you met every single friend you have on Facebook in real life? We all know the basic rules about keeping photos and posts private and carefully vetting friend requests. 

But things can get complicated. And dangerous.

I met the real Alexandre Martinez on Facebook over the summer. He lives in France and has short dark hair and chiseled features. Those features are now highly recognizable in Bulgaria, where Alexandre, better known as Alexander Nikolov, became an unwitting celebrity.

Alexandre fell victim to an incredibly intricate case of identity theft. His name, photographs and personal information were used to create a multitude of fake social media accounts. This continued for over five years when a Bulgarian man was jailed for using the fabricated identity to scam people. "

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