Clap it out for @CatfishMTV: #OSINT -ing on TV since 2012 @NevSchulman @MaxJoseph

Hey there- I'm (Investigator "LJ") taking over the Sourced Intel blog for today. This came about as we were discussing the rise of OSINT in pop culture, namely TV shows, over the past year. I, on the other hand, argued that its nothing new citing @CatfishMTV as an early adopter of online investigative techniques as a way to solve the mysteries of online dating. Given the techniques were fairly basic, reverse image searching and public record look ups, the fundamentals were no doubt present. 

As a senior at USC back in the day, I registered for Leonard Maltin's CTCS466: Film Symposium class. It is a sort of "right of passage" as a senior, and even though my major had nothing to do with film, I knew I couldn't leave downtown LA without taking the course. The course is comprised of watching films (before they are released in theaters!!) and listening to a panel evaluate them. It was awesome. The film that stood out most my semester was Catfish, which followed the journey of couples who formed an online relationship but never met in person. After Nev, the Cathfishee (if you will), realizes a song his "online love" wrote for him is taken from a YouTube video, the story begins to unravel. I won't give away the ending, but if you haven't watched it, WATCH IT. Anyway, the movie was such a hit that MTV picked up the premise and now Nev, the original "Catfishee," helps other people solve online love mysteries with...OSINT! 

Catch Catfish (See what I did there?) on MTV on Wednesdays @ 10/9c