Pay attention when granting apps permissions: La Liga, an app for soccer fans, discovered using microphone + GPS location of users to listen in on surroundings during match times #Security #OSINT

TechCrunch explains:

" La Liga, an app for fans of Spanish soccer which has been discovered using microphone access combined with the precise GPS location of Android users to listen in on people’s surroundings during match times — in a bid to catch bars that might not have a license to broadcast the match being watched....The snitch feature appears to have surfaced largely as a result of the European Union’s new data protection framework, GDPR — which requires app makers to explain more precisely what exactly they’re doing with people’s data. Ergo, La Ligo users started noticing what the app wanted to do and discussing and denouncing it on social media, where it blew up into a trending topic."

Click HERE to access the original El País article that broke the news.

LaLiga defended its actions in a statement

"LaLiga has the responsibility to protect clubs and their fans from fraud in the issuance of football matches by public establishments (HORECA). These fraudulent activities represent annually an estimated loss of 150 million euros for Spanish football, which translates into direct damage for clubs, operators and fans, among others.

For this reason, LaLiga has implemented a new functionality in its official app with the sole purpose of detecting these fraudulent exploitations, informing in a transparent manner of it and asking users for their express and specific consent, allowing users to freely or not lend it."