Is it due to #privacy concerns, or the fact that #Facebook is just plain boring? @Motherboard "44 Percent of Americans 18-27 Have Deleted the Facebook App This Year" #OSINT

Motherboard reports: 

"The [new Pew Research Center] study notes that around 42 percent of Facebook users have chosen to take a break from the social platform of several weeks or more, with a quarter of users choosing to delete the Facebook app from their phones entirely in the last year.

Pew found that age largely determined whether or not users were likely to delete Facebook entirely, with 44 percent of younger users (ages 18-27) having deleted the app in recent months"

Yeah, we know, Pew is legit. But we are not sure the data correlates with the issue at hand. Young adults, although aware of the privacy concerns associated with social media platforms, religiously continue to like, tag, comment, upload, stream, double tap, flick, scroll, DM, tweet, hashtag, retweet, mention, message and post. Just not on Facebook. And we don't think it has to do with the Facebook/Cambridge Analystica saga. 

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