Department of Homeland Security App: Modernizing the way information shared across the U.S.

DHS recently launched a new mobile application—DHS Intel—designed to deliver and share timely intelligence information with law enforcement and first responders across the country. Today, many of us consume information from news feeds, blogs, social media, podcasts and a variety of other sources on our mobile phones; however, until last month, most intelligence information was either sent via e-mail distro lists or viewed on sites optimized for desktops and laptops. Now, this information is available on-the-go for state, local, territorial, tribal (SLTT), campus, and federal partners who rely on intelligence to keep the country safe.

The app represents the latest enhancement to the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN)—DHS’ trusted and secure platform created in 2006 for sharing information and enabling real-time collaboration between SLTT partners. HSIN successfully provides key technologies and tools to protect the United States from adversarial threats, facilitate coordinated responses to natural disasters, and help law enforcement secure the nation's borders. Read the full article here: Department of Homeland Security.

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