How the U.S. military's radio tag technology could allow enemy to trace troops on battlefield

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

  • Some military units are installing radio frequency ID (RFID) tags on weapons

  • The tech is in at least five Air Force bases and is also being rolled out in the Army

  • The Department of Defense has called it a 'significant' security risk

  • RFID tags are used in everything from supermarket inventory to US passports

  • Experts say they can be read from as far away as 250 mi with the right boost

  • 'If I can ping it, I can find it and I can shoot you,' a Marine officer told AP

  • The origins of RFID trace to World War II and the development of radar

  • The Marines have rejected (RFID) technology out of security concerns

U.S. military units are putting ID tags in their weapons so they can scan and catalog them faster, but the technology leaves troops vulnerable to attacks because enemy forces could potentially scan them from half a football field away. Read the full article here.

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